Many people ask what the secret of Corga da Chã wines is. The grapes from Corga da Chã estate grow surrounded by a diverse wood crossed by streams and with unique geomorphologic features.

It is this absolutely dreamful environment, this peace of mind that we get from walking in the estate that makes us really feel we are in Paradise.

The Estate

The estate where our wines are produced is named Corga da Chã because it lies on a plain (“chã”) that is located in a cavity (“corga”) of the mountain range. In addition to these two features the terroir is also defined by its wood diversity and schistous soils.

Trajadura’s vines find here their ideal terroir

The estate, which has been run by the same family for three generations, stretches for about 40 hectares, 5 of which are exclusively used for vines. The remaining area is occupied by wood: eucalyptus, pine tree, poplar and oak tree.

The estate is located in Castelo de Paiva, in a small borough suggestively named Paraíso (Paradise) and is part of the Demarcated Region of Vinho Verde, Paiva sub-region.

CORGA DA CHÃ ESTATE - S. Pedro do Paraíso, Castelo de Paiva, Portugal